I grew up in El Paso, Texas, a city squeezed in between Juarez, Mexico, and Las Cruces, New Mexico.  Our culture, music, drink, and food were all directly influenced by our proximity to the border.  That means life was all Mexican, all the time.  

The food I am sharing with you cannot be called Tex-Mex or fusion.  It is Mexican, made by Mexicans.  I watched my grandparents and my parents make it.  This is the stuff that fed our huge extended family and friendsand always kept us coming back for more.

Since leaving El Paso, I have lived all over the country and served food and drink in some of the nation's finest restaurants. These experiences have made my passion for cooking and good hospitality even stronger.  But no matter where I have lived and worked, this is the food that connects me to home.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.   ~Rafa